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Founded in 1961 in the city of Monterrey

We were born as a supplier of chemical specialties for the metal mechanic and basic metal industry. Among our first clients was Fundidora Monterrey, the bastion of Monterrey steel, for whom a corrosion preventive was developed to protect steel slabs. Since then, all PQD formulas and production processes have been developed internally, with its own technology.

The supply of products was growing, always around the growing manufacturing industry in the region, sometimes serving other local industries such as glass. From this continuous effort of more than 50 years and 2 generations, the Lubricants division of PQD is derived.

In the late 1980s, the organization decided to look for new growth opportunities. Curiosity and freedom of action led to explore various new businesses, such as the recycling of industrial by-products to formulate antifreeze, the synthesis of additives for the paper industry and finally materializing in the production of raw materials to formulate cleaning and personal care products. As the product offering and sales volume grew in the more than 25 years that it has been operating, this project became the 2nd division of PQD called Surfactants.

Both divisions, Lubricants and Surfactants, are business units with their own value proposition and strategic plan, but they share the fundamental values ​​and strategies of PQD such as honesty, teamwork, focus on customer needs and search for solutions through of innovation, which come together to deliver our promise: Reliable Chemistry.