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We were born with it and operate under the certainty that we need to push it forward to remain as the best option for our customers in the long term.
In a technological environment that evolves increasingly faster, collaboration with external agents is essential. Through the years we have created a solid network of technological partners, national and foreign, who reside in the R & D departments of our suppliers, universities, research centers, and even companies with complementary capabilities. This way our ideation process and solution design is continuously renewed and brings embedded approaches with a wide diversity of backgrounds and areas of knowledge.
Our portfolio is a combination of continuous improvement efforts with long-term innovation projects. The accumulation of continuous improvement allows the offering of the best technology currently available. Medium-long term projects explore unproven / unconventional solutions, and represent our search for new platforms for growth, considering global trends in the various industries we serve.
our process
Our R & D process is carried within the ISO 9001 quality system environment. From the identification and selection of opportunities, projects are controlled through a sequential tollgate process that goes through the stages of planning, review, verification and ends with the validation of the prototype in the field. The sequence ensures that the proposed product will have the requiered attributes for its approval, avoiding unnecessary tests and waste of time and resources on the customers side.
QA and R & D operate in the same physical space and share assets and procedures to carry out their functions. The collaboration between the areas is essential for the effective deployment of our new developments. We make an intentional effort so that knowledge acquired individually during the execution and implementation of the projects becomes collective. The systematic documentation and standardization of procedures is fundamental and assures that our intellectual property grows permanently over time.
our experts
Our technical team is a combination of young experts in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials, innovation and quality control that is in permanent training and skill updating. We use multiple routes to deploy our technological surveillance radar. We are members of various international associations such as ACS, AOCS, and STLE whose publications related to chemistry, tribology and surfactant synthesis, allow us to be up to date about the state of the art on the areas of knowledge specific to our interest. This is complemented by regular attendance to Conferences and the use of specialized electronic platforms for the search of patents and technical publications. We frequently participate in courses either face-to-face or remote, including training in tools for innovation and quality assurance.
our assets
Physical resources for R & D are essential to convert ideas and knowledge into tangible products. Below we describe part of our analytical and testing equipment, some of which are the sole units in México. Our assets are shared and complemented by those existing in the spaces of our technological partners (suppliers, Universities and our companies with whom we partner in open innovation initiatives).


Measurement of actives and other components in specialty surfactants.
Brookfield Rheometer
Measures the viscosity of non-Newtonian fluids, such as cleaning or personal care products.
Q-Fog Cyclic Corrosion Chamber
Exposes samples to a series of different environments in repetitive cycles.


Comparative analysis of fluids in cutting regime and geometry efficiency and special coatings in tool design.

Twist Compression Test

Simulates conditions of adhesive wear and boundary lubrication, the most common failure mechanism in forming operations.


Allows estimating viable microbial populations indirectly through measurement of total ATP.